Nice to Meet You | An Introduction

Hello and welcome to my wonderful, little corner of the web. If you haven't already checked out my about me page, my name is Nicole! I started blogging about 4 years ago, but I took quite a break from it after a while. In times of stress and anxiety, I started to really want to get back into blogging as it offered a way for me to express myself and my creativity. So, here I am writing this short, little post from my new blog Malokoko.

What's a Malokoko you ask? Ya got me! Even though I consider myself a creative person, I'm terrible when it comes to having to come up with a name for something. After days of thinking went by and a childhood school song, "Malo! Malo! Thanks Be to God!" being stuck in my head, the word Malokoko just popped into my head and I ended up liking this random jumble of letters. I checked on blogger and did a domain search to see if by any chance this name was taken and as you can see my blog was born!

This blog will have pretty much the same theme as my original blog, beauty, fashion, and life posts. I also plan to focus on creating more fashion and lifestyle posts this time. I hope you will end up sticking around, but as for now, thanks for reading.


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