Patches | Revamp Your Suede Bag

Suede has to be one of my favorite materials because its simple and often neutral colors pertain to my style a lot. I recently got this small suede bag from Anthropologie, that's able to hold all of my essentials, but I felt it could use some sprucing up for the spring and coming summer. So, here's an easy Do It Yourself (DIY) tutorial that you can also try on your suede bags!

For this tutorial you will need; a suede bag, large fabric flowers, scissors, a sewing needle, and thread. Begin by cutting out the flowers from the fabric and then choose any color of thread you prefer. I went ahead and chose a light pink thread that contrasted slightly with the bag and flowers. Your next step is to decide where you want your flowers placed on the bag. Once you have this figured out, you can begin sewing the flowers. I've been really into the way the overcast stitch looks on patches, so I decided to go with that stitching, but of course you can chose any type of stitching.

Once you have completed sewing all of your flowers on the bag, your "new" bag is now ready to be used! I really loved the way this bag turned out and if I ever decide to change it back to its original state, I can just remove the thread and flowers easily. Mother's Day is also around the corner (just next month) and this could be used as a thoughtful (somewhat) homemade gift. Even though the bag is store bought, you're still taking time and care to sew on the flowers. I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY and if you ever decide to try it out for yourself, let me know how it goes!


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