Time Travel | Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando

While taking a break from my original blog, I took a trip to Disney World and Universal Orlando with one of my best friends as a senior trip. We went in June of 2015, it was an awfully crowded and sweltering hot week, but well worth it, so I thought I would share some photos from the trip! A day was spent in Epcot and another was spent in Magic Kingdom. Then 3 days were spent in Universal Orlando, making sure that we got to experience everything The Wizarding World of Harry Potter had to offer, because priorities (sorry Mickey Mouse).

We visited all the "countries" in Epcot, which consisted of Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, Japan, France, Mexico, Norway, Morocco, Canada, and the United States. My favorites were Germany (of course), Japan (had the best shops with the tastiest treats), and France (had the best food). The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was amazing and full of detail. I would have taken photographs of the rides, but I was unable to take my camera in with me. We also got to ride on the Hogwarts Express and try Butterbeer. On our last day at Universal we walked around visiting all the other attractions and rode some roller coasters. My favorite attraction was Springfield, where we ate a Krusty Burger. I could have just been extremely hungry, but at the time this burger was the tastiest burger I had ever eaten.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos and if you haven't already, definitely plan to make a trip to either Disney World or Universal Orlando, as you won't regret it. My only advice is to try and not go in the middle of summer! You'll thank me later for saving your life from the excruciating heat.



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