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In my previous post I discussed some great products that I had found at Marshalls during the month of April. Since one of the items was a name brand item that is found at many beauty stores, such as ULTA, I decided to do some more research and see if Marshalls happens to carry other name brand beauty products. While I didn't find much on Marshalls, I did find that people were finding items at T.J. Maxx, such as Too Faced, Kat Von D, and Nars. I sort of assumed that since Marshalls and T.J. Maxx are sister stores, I had to find some similar products at Marshalls. To my surprise, I did!

The first product I found was from Too Faced and it's their Cat Eyes Eyeshadow Palette. It comes with eyeshadows and eyeliners that can be worn wet or dry. This retails as $36.00 on their website, however it is currently on sale for $32.40. But guess what?! I got this baby for $15.00! When I saw that everything was perfectly intact and not swatched (which unfourtunately is usual at this store) I of course snatched it. I haven't used it yet, but I'm sure I can get some good use out of this and not to mention this product also has great reviews.

The second product I found was from Stila and it's just a small single eyeshadow palette. It's in the color Golden Topaz and it's absolutely beautiful. I sort of did a failed attempt when it came to swatching and photographing it. Since I'm white as a ghost, my paleness basically washed out the photo, but you can slightly see the color along with its shimmer. On Stila's website this retails for $20.00, but I got this for $8.00.

The third product I found is by the brand bosica. It's their Oil-free Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 15 moisturizer. I was pretty excited when I found this as I've been eyeballing this brand for a while, but like always I take forever to actually decide if I want to try a brand out or not. This product is currently out of sale, but they are selling the night version, Oil-free Nightly Hydration, of this moisturizer on their website. It retails at $36.00, but it is currently on sale for $25.00. I got this moisturizer for $8.00.

Last but not least, I found a The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter (unused and in perfect condition) that smells amazing. This particular size, 1.7 oz, retails for $7.00, but I got this for $3.00. I don't really care for body butters, but my mom really likes the body butters from The Body Shop, so I'll most likely be giving this to her.

Had I bought these items at their original/sale prices I would have spent approximately $84.40 (not including tax), but I ended up only spending approximately $34.00 (not including tax). Now you may be wondering, is there anything wrong with these products? Or why are they so much cheaper? Looking into these exact questions, I found that these products are in fact the real deal and the only reason they are found at Marshalls in the first place, is because they are mostly overstock items that the companies need to sell. Rather than just throwing perfectly good products away, companies are able to sell these overstock items and get somewhat of a profit off them. You can also see how this is the case since most of the items I found were on sale and/or almost gone on their actual websites.

I didn't think I would find much, but I was definitely wrong. I know this won't always happen each time and everyone's Marshalls are different, but you should still definitely check one out whenever you can. I believe the best time to go would most likely be towards the middle to the end of the week (I went just this Thursday) as they usually put new merchandise out for the weekend. I hope you found this post interesting and if you do plan to check your local Marshalls out, good luck in your search for some hidden gems.


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